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1DB-1899-1966, Alumnae Correspondence: General, 1950-1961

 Digital Record
Identifier: WCA_1DB_1899-1966_ref112_dvv

1DB-1899-1966, Alumnae Correspondence: General, 1962-1966

 Digital Record
Identifier: WCA_1DB_1899-1966_ref111_ru4

1DB-1899-1966, Alumnae Hall, 1915-1957

 Digital Record
Identifier: WCA_1DB_1899-1966_ref113_j05

1DB-1899-1966, Alumnae Office, 1964-1966

 Digital Record
Identifier: WCA_1DB_1899-1966_ref114_vp6

1DB-1899-1966, Annual Reports: Administration, 1964-1965

 Digital Record
Identifier: WCA_1DB_1899-1966_ref116_316

1DB-1899-1966, Annual Reports: Administration, 1965-1966

 Digital Record
Identifier: WCA_1DB_1899-1966_ref115_oef

1DB-1899-1966, Annual Reports: Administration: Class Deans, 1939-1960

 Digital Record
Identifier: WCA_1DB_1899-1966_ref121_gc6

1DB-1899-1966, Annual Reports: Administration: Dean of Instruction, 1940-1954

 Digital Record
Identifier: WCA_1DB_1899-1966_ref119_abl

1DB-1899-1966, Annual Reports: Administration: Dean of Students, 1940-1964

 Digital Record
Identifier: WCA_1DB_1899-1966_ref120_wgl