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3L-Spanish, International Institute for Girls (2 of 3), 1941-1980

 Digital Record
Identifier: WCA_3L_3fba3dacd3c53151a61f1f35f107f677
Dates: 1941-1980

3L-Spanish, International Institute for Girls (3 of 3), 1957-2001

 Digital Record
Identifier: WCA_3L_b7a5a6fb11f2d55a969704d1ea0bc5ae
Dates: 1957-2001

3P-Bates, Diaries, "Line a Day," (1893-1897)

 Digital Record
Identifier: WCA_3P_ad31e9f5040296fdfb81506c9f8fb868_DAY

3P-Bates, Letters to: Jeanette A. Marks, 1899-1902

 Digital Record
Identifier: WCA_3P_73f1915cdfa2622053fe626cbd0b72bd

3P-Bates, Letters to: Various people from Palestine, 1907

 Digital Record
Identifier: WCA_3P_dc64580bad6da06aedd5b242b98c90da

3P-Calkins, A Plea for Dualism; Why Monistic Realism?

 Digital Record
Identifier: WCA_3P_23f642de463e0450d5639b0e1b71132f

3P Calkins Family: Notes from Father's Log, undated

 Digital Record
Identifier: WCA_3P_e20c26872f3ebda22a8a8eb73ef3496b
Dates: undated

3P-Calkins, Reviews of Miss Calkins' Books

 Digital Record
Identifier: WCA_3P_c9270f9076bd44a10f34cf94345c1b99